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When YOU wish YOU could be there.
When YOU wish YOU could be there.
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Call Us Today!
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Frequently Asked Questions

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in-home care for recovering patients
Find the answers to the questions we most commonly come across:

Why should I choose care in my home?
There are many reasons, including:
  • To prevent or postpone hospitalization or nursing home care
  • To provide care for those who have been discharged from a hospital but are not yet fully recovered
  • To assist those who are recuperating from illness
  • To assist new mothers
  • To provide security and individual attention in a familiar setting
  • To allow a person to experience maximum freedom, dignity, and independence
  • To provide companionship
  • To support families and keep them together
  • To provide a lower cost alternative than a nursing home or residential facility
What services does Noval SeniorCare provide?
We provide companions, sitters, certified home health aids, live-in assistants, RNs, and LPNs who are thoroughly screened and trained. All of our employees are bonded and insured and have had criminal background checks conducted through the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations.

Could you tell me more about what a home companion does?
A home companion will help with meal preparation, do light housekeeping and laundry, offer medical reminders, arrange for medicine delivery, provide transportation for shopping trips and visits to the doctor, care for pets and household plants, assist with lawn care and home maintenance, and offer companionship.

Could you tell me more about what a certified home health aid does?
In addition to what a home companion provides, a certified home health aid will provide assistance with bathing and personal hygiene, dressing, feeding, walking, and getting in and out of bed.
Could you tell me more about what a live-in assistant does?
A live-in assistant provides all of the services of a home companion and a certified home health aid on a round-the-clock basis.

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